Vibrant Bazaar of Bengaluru

On my recent trip to India, I visited the good old Gandhi Bazaar in Bengaluru. The sights, sounds and scents give you the real experience of the soul of this city. The streets are full of vendors selling fresh produce, fruits, flowers and herbs.

This is truly a shoppers paradise for the everyday home cook that enjoys local produce at its freshest, there are rows of street vendors, each with their own array of ingredients

In the midst of the busy streets, you find bigger shops on either side selling anything from fresh masala powders to copper cooking utensils.

Tired from all the hustle and bustle of shopping in a busy Bazaar? Worry not, there are loads of eaterys and small South Indian cafes where one can rest their feet and sip on some hot filter coffee or catch a quick bite from the local’s favourite – Vidyarthi Bhavan 

If you are in the mood for a little distraction from your weekly routine, then don’t miss popping into any of the silk saree or fabric stores dotted all across this area! Some tailor’s here promise to deliver in 1 hour, so you could collect a custom-made saree blouse or salwar suit on your way back home!

After all that excitement and fun, if you are seeking a bit of tranquillity then step in to the many old temples or parks in the area – for a different experience

This shopping experience is one that leaves me feeling rejuvenated and connected to the heart of Bengaluru. I wish we retain all of our locals markets as life would seem less colourful without them, I mean how boring is shopping at a local supermarket compared to this!?

In my opinion, the burst of colour and energy felt in this market is phenomenal, so if you are in the city sometime, I definitely recommend a visit

Now, tell me all about your local market…!

Note: All pictures taken and posted with permission from the vendors 🙂

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  1. Reading this post was nostalgic. Although I’m from Mumbai, I have so many memories associated with Gandhi Bazaar in Bangalore.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How nice! Thank you so much for visiting and your comments. I’m glad it was a good trip down the memory lane for you! Did you live in Bangalore many years ago or visit family?


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