The Magic of Sprouts

Have you ever tried sprouting any seeds or beans?? If yes, how do you describe your experience??

If you have not, then I definitely recommend you trying it soon! let me know your thoughts

I find that it’s such a positive and emotional exercise because all you are doing is soaking some seeds that were lying around in your kitchen and letting them be for a day or two, over time you notice the magical power of nature unfold in front of your very eyes!

Life is so resilient that even being stored away in a dark kitchen cabinet for several months and being ignored has not deterred the spirit of these seeds, once re-hydrated and left alone for a day or two they grow with the same determination that every living being on this planet has done

Can you imagine all that potential of the being a plant was saved or locked up in that little dry seed? It has always amazed me 🙂 To me sprouts are a reminder of new beginnings and resilience of life in all its forms, I’m curious to know what they remind you of?

Sprouts of different varieties are used in many forms of Indian cooking, in this post I wanted to share with you the magic of sprouting at home, my recipes that involve sprouts will follow in the posts to come

I’ve used green whole mung beans this time, these are one of the easiest to sprout. I find that I tend to use this variety of sprouts the most among many other varieties

Above is a picture taken every morning – how happy it made me to see this progress!

Here I’ve used about 150 grams of whole (green) mung beans, first rinse them well in water and then soak overnight or up to 8-10 hours in filtered/ drinking water – ensure all seeds are completely covered in water

Then, after soaking drain all the water and rinse them once, place them in a colander/ or a utensil with perforation. This will allow some air to pass through the seeds and encourage the process of germination.

Ensure that you use a plate under the colander to avoid the water from draining out and making a mess of the table/ counter that you’ve stored the beans on.

Remember that ideal environment for sprouting is somewhere dark and warm, ensure that you create this artificially if you have to

Now, place a kitchen towel over it and store away in a dark place for 24-48 hours, remember to rinse them in cold water twice daily (every 10 hours or so) this will avoid them from catching mould. This is a very important step, so please don’t skip it 😉

After 48 hours the sprouts are ready for you to add to a salad, curry or just eat them on their own as a snack 🙂 Just remember to give them one last rinse before you use them 🙂

I find that sprouts freeze really well, so if you have made some in excess, don’t worry just put them in a box and straight away into the freezer to add to your recipes later!



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  1. Great idea. Thank you for the post!

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  2. I used to grow my own years ago, but somehow lost the essentials for making this healthy option now.

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    1. Nice to hear that! Hope this has inspired enough you to start again😊

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      1. I’m trying since they are not sold in the grocery stores. 🍓

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      2. Ohh no!! Well I hope you find them!

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      3. I won’t give up? 🌱

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      4. 😀👍I’m sure you won’t! Hehe!! This really made me chuckle, thank you!

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