The King of Mangoes

Yes, not done with mangoes yet! Why should we be? The markets are full of mangoes from different parts of the world – Indian Mangoes remain my favorite – this is not me being biased, I promise! mangoes from the Dominican Republic are next on my list

If you have not tried Indian mangoes yet, I suggest trying some this year, trust me,  it will change your life – they tend to be high on flavor, texture, aroma, color & taste.

They certainly tick a lot of boxes for me while shopping for mangoes. If mangoes are the king of fruits then, the king of mangoes are the Alphonso variety from India – They are not called ‘The King of Mangoes’ for no reason – these guys send you to mango heaven within the first bite!!

There is something magical about mangoes grown in South Asia, perhaps it’s to do with the soil conditions there

The region’s culture/art is best represented by the beloved paisley design – no coincidence there!

India cultivates many varieties of mangoes and not to mention, the hundreds of traditional homemade recipes passed on through generations using mangoes which include pickles, salads, curries, desserts…

I hope to share some these recipes with you in my future posts

Here is a simple treat we used to eat as kids sometimes, instead of ice cream during the hot summer months! I hope you like it…

Thank you Miss. R for the lovely ramekins!

Time: 10mins                                                    Serves: 2 


  • 2 large mangoes (I’ve used Alphonso’s here! If they are not available go for a very sweet, flavorsome & juicy variety )
  • 150 grams of thick, creamy yogurt (I’ve used Greek yogurt this time)
  • Some pomegranates for the effect! (optional)

Wash & chop the mangoes and add into a blender.

Tip on chopping mangoes include, peel the skin first using a peeler, then cut into sections and finally using your hands squeeze all the excess juices from the seed/ stone left in the end to avoid any wastage

Grind to a smooth paste.

Next, in a mixing bowl, whisk the yogurt & mango pulp together, serve with a sprinkle of pomegranate – Ta da!


Tip: If you prefer it sweeter then add some honey or agave nectar to balance it out – I recommend buying sweeter mangoes instead!

This recipe was inspired by fellow food blogger Anushruthi RK from Divine Taste – Thank you!

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