Breakfast Smoothie

Love smoothies!? Why not? Its quick, simple, fulfilling and not to mention nutritionally dense

Most smoothies take only a few minutes to blend, this one requires some overnight soaking and is packed with good calories so its ideal for a grand start to your day πŸ™‚

We have this smoothie every other day for breakfast before we rush out the door so it’s somewhat of a standard breakfast in our home so I wanted to share it with you all

This recipe can be made complete dairy free so don’t worry if you are dairy intolerant πŸ™‚

Start by soaking oats & the dried fruits overnight, I recommend soaking the dried fruits overnight as this drastically reduces the excess sugars in your smoothie, however if you are pressed for time then soak for up to 2 hrs in hot water

Remember, the oats will need to be soaked in cold water as adding hot water to it will cook it and that’s not what we want here! As you grind/ blend soaked raw oats with your other ingredients it will turn milky πŸ™‚ Yes, you will simultaneously be creating your own oat milk while blending!

Time: 5 mins                                     Soak time: Overnight or up to 2 hrs

Serves: 2 adults 


  • 60 grams of jumbo oats (along with the water you soaked it in, approx 1 cup)
  • berries of your choice – I’ve used strawberries, blueberries, blackberries, & raspberries
  • 1 whole banana (fresh or frozen)
  • 4-5 almonds
  • 2 dried prunes
  • 2 dried figs
  • 6-8 sultanas
  • 5-6 dried cranberries
  • 2 Brazil nuts
  • 5-6 pistachios
  •  1 tablespoon of hemp powder/ organic whey  (optional)

Soak the oats & all the dried fruits separately (oats in one bowl and all the dry fruits in another) overnight

The next morning, add into a blender the soaked oats along with water and berries then drain out all the water from the soaking dried fruits and add them in too. Don’t use the water the dried fruits have been soaking in as this has all the excess sugars! Finally, don’t forget to add the hemp or whey if you are keen on it!

Depending on the thickness and consistency you prefer add some more water as you blend.

Blend for up to 30-40 seconds or until smooth.


Note: Go easy on the dried fruits as its very easy to over consume them in a smoothie! Count them before you add in as they are high on calories from fat

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  1. silviamagda says:

    You make some gorgeous pictures πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! 😊

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  2. Rice N Dine says:

    This is so yummy and healthy! πŸ™‚

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    1. Thank you! Glad you like it😊

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