Reminiscing about my beloved Bangalore!

South Indian Thalis – available at various fast food places across the city

Just back from Bangalore, ohh how I miss it already!! My home town, my soul and the city that I will always remember fondly. A food post right after a Bangalore/ Bengaluru visit is a must I think especially as there is so much going on food-wise. The local food scene is quite active and vibrant, it starts from 7am in some parts of the city and 6.30am in some other parts to only close by 10.30 pm.

Karabath – A great savory breakfast made from Samolina










If you are looking for breakfast, lunch,Ā  dinner or regular snacks you will always be in for a treat. The first picture is that of my lunch – the typical South Indian thali with 2 veg, some fresh yogurt, & 1 sambar and 1 coconut curry, this accompanied with pooris & steamed rice. Condiments on offer are Indian pickles and chutneys – which is a whole other concept to the British pickles and chutneys!

The city is known for its openness to foods from other cultures as there is an equal market for both local food and otherwise

But if you are in Bengaluru on work or leisure please don’t leave without trying the local food!! Just an absolute must šŸ™‚ Try the idllis, dosas, karabath, thalis, bisibelebath, rotis, obattu, kesribath, Mysore pak etc.

The famous breakfast – Iddlis! made from fermented rice and lentils

I treasure my visits to Bengaluru, I think that it is a city worth exploring ‘as a local’ as there are many migrant layers to the city as people from all over India have moved there for work or study sharing their own unique cultural style. It is a melting pot of different cultures and one can easily missout on the local food scene. Local food is mostly South Indian however specific to the Bengaluru/ Mysore Cuisine

If you would like to explore some go-to places, please visit fellow blogger Sankara’s blog on his top 10 local food places to visit while you are in ‘B-town’ šŸ˜‰Ā  – His blog is called Be on the Road and here is a link to the post: I have been to most of the places he has listed out and as a local Bangalorean definitely recommend!

Hope you enjoyed this one, I will post recipes for the above in my future posts, bringing a little bit of Bengaluru to you šŸ™‚

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