Mumbai meri jaan!



This was something I just had to write about, Saturday night in Mumbai we finally made it after much anticipation and planning.

This was our recent visit to Mumbai to visit family and friends.

The Mumbai experience was great, we visited during December the weather was pleasant and mild.

I enjoyed the energy and vibe of this city, fell in love with the pace of of it all, people seemed carefree or ‘bindass’ as we call it. Just love the feel of this city. It is multi-cultural and vibrant.

I had the pleasure of being driven around the city by family and given a visual tour which I truly enjoyed. We were taken to the famous India Gate and I could not help but marvel at the structure in awe at how beautiful it really is.

Had a lovely time at Cafe Mondegar with some tasty food and chit chat – loved the fish curry and rice here! Enjoyed strolling through Linking Road & Bandra soaking in the colors from jewelry & apparel sold by street merchants. This truly is a shoppers paradise! You can find beautiful things in any color, size or prize 😉

Not to mention, devoured local street food – chat, vada pav & sugarcane juice in unlimited quantities!

Thank you to our family & friends that showed us a good time and Mumbai for buzzing with excitement every second that we were there and beyond. It was a great time 🙂

We had heard a lot about this midnight desserts place near Haji Ali and was on our list of things to  experience while in Mumbai

The place serves fresh fruit with lovely ice cream, mine had Strawberries, Black grapes, Kiwis, Jelly & Cashews with vanilla ice cream!! What’s not to love?!

Locals are known to drive down to the this place just to sit in their cars, enjoy the humid sea breeze and enjoy a tasty treat, a must try when you are in Mumbai.

The fruits were fresh and juicy & the ice cream was delicious! Will definitely be going back there again 🙂

This is a really quick recipe to put together – Its health and naughty at the same time!! 😉 with fruits and ice cream

Prep time: 10 mins


  • fruits of your choice
  • Ice cream – preferably vanilla of any other neutral flavor
  • Nuts of your choice – preferably cashews,  pistas or almonds

Chop up the fruits into small bite sized pieces, in a bowl add a small scoop of ice cream & layer with fruits & voilà!!!



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